[Move File Activity]

Hi all,
I tried to create a folder and go to website to download file(a lot of files), and then use move file activity to move the file to the newly created folder once downloaded, but it couldn’t run and the error is: [Move File: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.]

Below are the screenshots of my design:

go to website workflow

Can anyone help to fix this?? :pray: :pray:


The file is already created in the folder it seem. Try to give the different name and move the file.


It is a new folder created by uipath, I’m trying to create a new folder and download the files from company website using for loop, and then move the files from desktop download to the newly created folder.
How can it be duplicated? Or do you have any idea to do this workflow?

Can you share the downloaded file name screenshot? @RPA_Innovation



Above are all the activities I use including create the folder, download the file and then move the files. For your information, I use for loop to go to the company website to download the file using wait to download activity.

What is the file name that you are downloading from the website? @RPA_Innovation

It does not have specific file name, it’s just a random number +.xlsx

That’s why I use ‘wait for download’ activity and create a variable as its output because the filename is just random numbers

Okay @RPA_Innovation

Can you share the error screenshot

Hi @RPA_Innovation in from just write YourFullFilePath+downloadedfile.fullname and same in To section

Check out the XAMl file @RPA_Innovation

RenameFile.xaml (9.6 KB)

Reference video