Move File: Could not find file

Im facing this error can anyone help me with this error

Move File: Could not find file ‘F:\sohail\New folder (3)’.

Hi @Sulaiman_Shareef

You haven’t provided any details about your automation.

My only suggestion would therefore be for you to please see these topics for some clues:

Hi @Sulaiman_Shareef

The Move File activity requires the full path of the file that you are trying to move. Basically, the path should include the folder path plus the file name and the extension. This is the same for the target and the destination property of the move file activity.

In your error, we only see the folder path, not the file name and the extension. Try including that both in destination too.

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I’m having the same error but with the path and everything. When I copy this address from UiPath and paste it in the browser I have the pdf opened. Any advice too?

Move File: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\atila.grings\Downloads\INV’2320154707.pdf’.

@atilagrings can you show activity

It turned out it was my internet =(

I added a process “Wait for download”, and put the click on download options there, this way the move to will always see the file in the folder.

@atilagrings Yes you need to do two things because "wait for download activity returns “.tmp” file
even actual files present in folder.
To avoid this please follow these steps.

  1. put some delay after click activity inside wait for download.
  2. increase timeout of “wait for download” activity.

for “.tmp” you can print FileName.FullName.