Saving Attachments using Get outlook mail message activity is not working

Get outlook mail message : The Specified Folder does not exist.!!

Please help me to Solve this .

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The folder has to be in your Outlook mail messages; have you checked it?

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I have no idea how to check it… can u please expline

@Haarish_S make sure both your account and folder exists. I see that your folder = “Inbox”, have you set anything to account property? make sure it is correct

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Folders exist in the outlook Select from which folder you want read.


Mention that name into mail folder

yeah “Inbox” is there in mailfolder , and my account already signed in ,so i have’t enterd my id in account

Can you share the screenshot to check geet Outlook properits?

From which account you want to read. Above the mail folder, mention the mail account.

I have already tried that , but same error i got sir .

What’s the expression you mentioned in the filter property?

“[Subject] = ‘Course Invoices’”

Thanking you for spending your valuble time for me sir. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check this file…

Main.xaml (9.7 KB)

If required mention the Subjectas well

"[Subject] = 'Course Invoices'"
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You have to mention your mail ID not mine.

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Also done sir

Can you share a screenshot of your Outlook?

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