Unable to Spy Chrome Window

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When I am clicking on Print option on Web page, the Print window appears in which I have select destination as Save as PDF but unfortunately these elements are not able to Spy. Please help…

I have select select Save as PDF and then click on Save option…

Hii @Shirish

we wont get selectors in this window. please use click image activity instead of click. it will work. please mark as solution if you found this helpful

First I have select Save as PDF option from available option. How I can do that ?

Hi @Shirish,

Please find the solution.Let me know if you have any issues.

ifactivity.zip (1.5 KB)

Omkar P


I am not able to open the workflow. I am having 2019.10 version of uipath.

Hi @Shirish,

If it is not open pls let me know i will explain steps.
ifactivity.xaml (12.8 KB)

Omkar P

You can use “Find image” with the “Destination” image and store the result in a variable.
Right after use the “click” activity and set the OffsetX and OffsetY like that:
(maybe you need to change the number 100)
Doing it you are creating a img anchor or something like that.

It will open the printers options. Then you just use “Click image” with “Microsoft Print to PDF” image to select it.

And by the end, anther “Click image” with the print button.

NOTE: maybe the destination image can be quite similar to comething in the page and the robot might get the wrong reference. I would suggest you to use this img like that:
Also getting “Print” and “Pages”, so there is no chance of mistake, and once “Destination” is in the middle you will get the correct coordinates for the second step.


use multiple click image. first time when you click drop down will come. on second click image select Save as PDF option. since background is a kind of black and white it works always. please mark it as a solution if found useful.


still unable to open workflow. Please share stepwise action to be followed

here, when I am spying the elements , it is not spying individual element but spying the whole window… that is the problem

can u please share workflow ?

Hi @Shirish,

Please find the steps.If you have any issues let me know :grinning:

1)Take 6 send hotkeys use sheft+tab(Every web or windows app having Tab index for elements)
2)Take 1 send hot key use enter(Tab index will be Destination)
3)Take 1 send key use down(it will select dropdown value as save pdf)
4)Take 1 send key use enter(it will show dropdown as save pdf)
5)All send hotkey properties sendwindowsmessage=true and waitforready=interactive

Omkar P

Hey, The position of Save to PDF option is not fixed in dropdown. It varies time to time hence send hotkey option wont work.

Hi @Shirish

Please keep this page ready and run the attached workflow to download.

Sequence.xaml (9.8 KB)


Please mark as solution if found useful :slight_smile:


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