How to select destination as “Save as PDF”


I am new to UiPath and would like to ask the expert here.
when click on the print button for the website, i need the Robot to select “Save as PDF”.

I have try to use select item but there is error . Thus , i use an alternative way which is in correct.

step1 : click on the destination
step2 : send hot key move down
step 3 : enter

If the Pc installed with new printer, then the move down on step 2 might not correct.

thus, need advise from the expert here.

Hi @jiechiat83_Low

Instead of step of 2 using send hotkey

Can u try with set focus activitiy

Hope it helps

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Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation

Hi @jiechiat83_Low

Try to see if any of this combinations works:

Ctrl+ Shift + S
Alt + Shift + S
Ctrl + S

Usually one of this will work

If none works just tell me and i’ll suggest something else

Hi Nived,

could you please elaborate further how to use focus ?

Hi Gabriele,

I have remain step 1 and step 2 change with the key provide. But it is doenst work. pelase advise.

@jiechiat83_Low - I will provide the Workflow sample…Please hang tight

You should try on the window by hand to see if it works

Hi @jiechiat83_Low

Use set focus activitiy with indicating ur required option “Save As PDF”

It will help to focus to that option

@jiechiat83_Low - Please check this workflow…Modify/Ignore the activity as you need…

Main.xaml (22.5 KB)

Output: Google.pdf (73.4 KB)

This workflow will give you an idea. Please mark this as solution, if it solves your query.

Hi Prasath,

I have the error message when open the file. please advise

@jiechiat83_Low - Save this under different folder and give it a try

Hi Prasath,

i try to save at desktop, but it loading very long and hang. please advise.

I had done the steps as follows:-

step 1: click on the designated box


So, the first printer name is

step 2: use focus.
if I make the designated to “Save as PDF” then system throw the cos the designated is still “ApeosWare Print On”

please correct me if i misunderstand ur suggestion.

@jiechiat83_Low - (11.5 KB) - Please try this…

May be the version difference. I am using the below Version