Saving a file

Hi there I’m back.
I’m at the last stages of my bot. I have the bot opening the application, logging in with the credentials opening the correct report and now I have to save it. The report opens another window where I have the option to save to local disk or I can point to a network share. Is there a save file to location switch or is there a better solution? Thank you.

@anthony.abate, Hi

I do not know which browser you are using, but you can change the browser settings to save as when you download a file, that gives you an option to specify the directory and the filename when saving it. You can even configure your browser to open links on the new tab in the same window if you would like.

Try using HotKeys(Ctrl+S) whether it helps, There is package , not sure of the name but which allows you to download file. Search for components, hope this helps

HotKeys seem to work. So now that I have the save box open how do i change the name of the file? By default it wants to save as PODCSM_001.txt but I need to change to POD Cash Summary.txt. Thank you.

@anthony.abate , You can try using Copy file activity, check below.

CopyFile Activity will help you in this .

Use the properties as below

From :- Path\Filename- ex:Path\ PODCSM_001.txt
Destination :- Path\RenamedFilename ex: Path\POD Cash Summary.txt.

It will work, if you don’t want to have the local copy of the file saved, You can used Move file activity. Both will help you in achieving your request. Let me know your results

Happy Automation!

Please see the screenshot. I just need to input the correct name in the box and then click save. If there is no other way I can save the file as is then try the copyfile activity.
FYI I’m new to this automation. LOL.

You should have posted this first, which would have prevented confusions. Use UiAutomation activity in general. Since you are new to automation , you can explore and try recorder inorder to do this.
It can be done