Save PDF from Google Chrome

Hi ,

I want to download file as PDF which is open from website on Google Chrome. But it displays as PDF viewer and I cannot capture anything on that. I also try to use hotkey: Ctrl+s but nothing happened(manually save does not work too.) Is there another way to download PDF file from Chrome ?

Picture of screen:

@tavinee.inchayanunth CTRL + S should work, What is the Error you get when you use it?

There is no error, just nothing happened after CTRL+S :frowning:

@tavinee.inchayanunth Have you indicated the Browser in Send Hot Key Activity and Do you have Chrome Extension installed?

I was just trying this myself. I found that if you use indicate on screen in a click activity to select the download button then set that click activity to SimulateClick it will click the download button even when it is not visible on screen. The default method and SendWindowsMessage do not work but SimulateClick works every time.

Try using Ctrl +s
(s in small case for this to work )