PDF in Chrome



I am trying to send a “Ctrl + S” Hotkey into a PDF in a Chrome Browser but nothing happens. It will works in IE explorer, but IE explorer keeps crashing with the web application. (Known company issue). Any advice would be great.


Make sure the selector is highlighting on the PDF page !!


Instead of Ctrl+s, you can do this way as well.Give a shot.




When I do that I get “We support Flash & Silverlight Automation only in IE explorer”


Amazing !

@jared_hilburn can you please share your xaml, to me works perfectly-… make sure you have installed the extension.



Hello Jared_hilburn,
please check if you do Ctrl+ s in chrome then are you able to view Save As dialog or not.
if you are able to view then your browser working fine but in UiPath you have pass commands Ctrl + “s” (small ‘s’ character with quotes). other wise it won’t work. also make sure to enable “SendWindowMessages” Check box in the Send hot Key properties,

always if you use send key … 2nd command like P, S, V, C etc… should pass as small letters with quotes.(“p”,“s”,“v”,“c” etc…)

Hope it will be useful