Can't save a pdf in Chrome pdf viewer

Hello, I need to save a pdf in my robot. In chrome I click on a link, which takes me to a pdf in Chrome viewer. Once on the pdf I try to download it by clicking on the download icon, but it doesn’t work. I tried to mess with the selector but nothing works, the robot does not recognize it when he has to click.

So I tried to open the print window to save as a pdf from there. So I send a ctrl+ p shortcut to the browser, which opens the window, but then uipath doesn’t recognize the print popup when I want to do activities in it, it’s like it doesn’t see it.
I saw that this question has been asked before, but there were no really clear answers, so I’d like to know if there have been any evolutions since then.

What about using ctrl+s to save it?

Interacting with the save dialog definitely works.

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ctrl + s saves the html page, not the pdf

I thought the whole PDF was opened in chrome in which case ctrl+s saves the pdf.
But apparently this is not the case. So the PDF viewer is embedded in a website, right?


you can use the click image activity and select the download button. That’ll work.


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Yes that’s it
I don’t know how this works exactly, but this is not the same viewer as when you open a downloaded PDF in chrome, it’s an embedded viewer.
Is this the reason why Uipath has difficulties ?

Yes, it seems to work. Thanks
However, depending on the pdf I open, the toolbar is more or less big, so the download button can have a different size. Will this be a problem?

And another question, when I click on the pdf, it opens in a new tab. What is the best approach to make uipath understand that the active tab is the new open tab? Use the Attach Browser activity or Navigate To?
I thought my problem might be coming from there. Thanks

No, usually it should be fine. But just try it out I guess.

Attach Browser should definitely work.

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