Click is not working for download button in pdf viewer in Chrome browser

Hi Suggest me, I have using Chrome browser to open pdf and then click on download button in pdf viewer
I have used Click, hover click & click image but its won’t work to click that download button.

For any test case use adobe reader in chrome.

Do you have UiPath Chrome Plugin Installed?

Also, you can turn off the opening PDF in the chrome and just regularly download the pdf and open it.

  • Try using Click image inside Attach browser.
  • Try using shortcut Ctrl +p and print as pdf.
  • Use Internet explorer.

Yes I have chrome plug-in actually the problem is…
There is download button in pdf reader right that download button is working whenever we move mouse over there.

Ctrl+p is not working whenever I used hot-key total URL is going to save and the web page is supported to chrome only

Before using click image, have another click in middle of pdf.

The download button won’t appear always in screen. So click image will fail. If we click on pdf, download button will appear.

Question for you: Do you need the PDF to open in Chrome or can you open the pdf in adobe reader? if you disable the pdf opening in the chrome, PDF will automatically will download for you and all you have to do is open it up. Try Vivek directions first but if that doesnt work. I would recommended disabling opening the PDF in chrome.

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Hi Birdi,
I need to open pdf and then need to click download button.

Why don’t you download it and use OCR feature to get the content of the PDF.

Hi Ganesh,

One check this one hope it will work for you.


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Thanks @harshit_singh its working… :grinning::+1: