How to press DOWNLOAD button in PDF frame in Chrome?

How to press Download Button o PDF? Robot sees only whole window, and cant see just the button. Extensions are enabled

edit: try mouse hover activity. hover over the screen. Then use the mouse click activity on the download button

edit: changed instruction a bit.

@boadriqa I guess Silverlight Extensions need to be used, and make sure you restarted the Chrome :sweat_smile:


I had this issue to, right now I use the right mouse button and “Save as” option, here you can also save the file with an ideal name.

Dear @boadriqa

If May be your press selection is default chrome buttons or iframes or Svgs Use Click Image Activity.

if use normal click activity selection is take the current tab info only

if works mark as solution.

Hi @boadriqa

You can either use right click and then click on save as option or you can use hotkey ctrl+s