Save exchange email as PDF WITH imbedded images

I am using the Get Exchange Mail Messages to loop through an email account. Certain emails need to be saved as PDF. I am using the Read saved email to PDF activity for this. It works fine, except that it does not capture any embedded images that are in the email. I need those to be included in the PDF as well. Has anyone found a solution to this? Thank you

Hi, welcome to the community!
Where is that activity you are using now was found? Maybe you can also open the emails you need in your Outlook and print them as PDF if nothing else works…

Thank you for your reply. I was thinking about that option. How would I open Outlook and iterate through the messages?

You can use Start Process using the process name as “OUTLOOK”

OK. Once Outlook is open, is there a way to step through each mail? I know how to do that without opening the email application, but I don’t see how to analyze each email by opening the application.

Well, you need to think how you do as a human… you have search feature for example, to be honest, in terms of flexibility, opening an application like outlook will be much more advanced than using the activities…