Save data from data scraping in excel

Hi Uipath Community, I am stucked in one problem.

I have created a process where the DNIs are consulted on the page of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of my country, this in order to be able to validate which ID numbers are real and extract the date of birth associated with the consulted DNI. The process takes the DNI from an excel one by one, opens the browser and consults it on the official page of the TSE, if the page returns results, the date of birth is captured by Data Scraping and written in the excel; if no results are obtained, type “NO” in Excel.

As an example, I have 3 correct and 2 incorrect DNIs in excel, the flow runs fine, the only problem I have noticed is that the data by data scraping is repeated with the last date of birth captured.

I feel that the Ouput data table is not updating with the new data or it leaves in memory the data of the last DNI that returned results.

If anyone has an idea of ​​what it could be, I appreciate your comments.

Attached download link of the process.


which row are you writing to? are you not writing to the first row?

and can you share the expected result ?

What it does is write to cell B2 @jack.chan

It is to go through cell B one by one and write the date of birth obtained. I shared the process please review it.

i changed your code, it will work now @Yeyner_Osmar_Escobar (654.3 KB)

working result

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It’s perfect, it was what I needed. Thank you @jack.chan

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no problem, good luck! @Yeyner_Osmar_Escobar

I found a small error, if it starts with a DNI that does not exist, it generates an error @jack.chan

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Try to change the order in the excel, first put a DNI that does not exist and you will see the error.

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here @Yeyner_Osmar_Escobar (821.9 KB)

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