Scraping website

Hello, all,

please help, I have a case where I have data in Excel as a key (such as an id number) to find information on a website. How do I save the resulting information (id number) on the website one by one in Excel format? Thank you in advance.

You do a loop over Excel rows as data table and enter ID in web form, then scrape results, then add to data table, then write back to Excel file.

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After you have done the read range, you can loop it and scrape Information from website wrt ID and then you can append the result to same DataTable or you can use add new column and then append that column to the old excel.

thank you for the suggestion, do you have a link / website for me to understand further?

thanks for the suggestion, so I can use the first excel data without creating a new excel file? after i got scrape results

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Up to you - you can put the data where ever you like, be it old or new Excel file. I’d prefer a new one.


Ok… Thank you very much…