Save Attachments activity not able to save attachments

Hi I fairly new to UiPath and I was trying to save attachments from outlook emails but for some reason, my save attachment activity is able to create a folder if it doesnt exist but its not able to save any attachment into it. Am I missing a step? I was following the Build your first Process with studio tutorial on UiPath but my outcome was just not the same

I also have the foreach argument type at System.Net.Mail.MailMessage


For now, can you try to set absolute path at FolderPath property such as “c:\temp” or “c:\Users\AccountName\Documents” etc?


Oh actually I just realise its working by checking the actual folder itself but its just that in the project section, its not able to appear as a dropdown option even after I refreshed the project section

Do you have any reason why it isnt appearing as a dropdown for the attachment I saved?

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Hi @Aaron_Wan ,
Have you try for each mail


Click the filter icon at the top of the project tab and check the “Other” selection.

However, you shouldn’t save files into the project path like this. It’ll result in them being published with the the project, which you don’t want. It increases the .nupkg file size and results in extraneous files being copied to your robot servers.

The best approach is to define a specific path to save the files to ie

"C:\Users" + Environment.Username + "\Downloads\ProjectFiles"

Set that into a variable like destinationPath. Then do an If Path.Exists(destinationPath) Then Delete Folder destinationPath. Then Create Folder destinationPath.

This way you know the folder is there, and empty, each time the process runs.

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it may be same issue as the following topic…


Ah okok got it! thank you so much!