Extract the email attachments from Outlook O365 client

Hi, everybody, I am a new user of UiPath and would like to try to automate my daily task, downloading email attachment. I have referred one of the sample of email automation and modify the True result of the Decision node that. My overall workflow is the following:

I am trying to develop the Sequence “Download Attachments”. However, the feature, “Save Attachments”, does not work (No Error; but no attachments saved). May I know what happens from it?

Thanks for the help.

This is the overall workflow:

In save attachmnets activity, use a meaningful path like "C:\hp\Attachments"

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Hi, Sriharisai_Vasi, thanks for the reply. I have tested with specific path. For the path, “Att”, the system should automatically create the folder in the local project folder so that it should not be the cause.