Save attachments activity doesn't save the attachments

Hi UiPath community,
I’m debugging a project developed by another developer to put it into production, and I have a small problem, the save attachments activity doesn’t save the attachment, it doesn’t return any error so I have no idea where the problem can come from.

when debugging the project, the activity has passed without problem but when I check the directory to see if the attachment has been saved, the directory is empty

I realize it’s not a very precise question, but does anyone have any idea where the problem might come from?

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In Save Activities there was a filter of .XLSX, can you try with small letters, also make sure that the mail contains the .xlsx files

If you want to check that is it working, then remove the filter and try

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Hi @tharuler,

you can use this kind of filtering before saving emails with attachments on the disk.

In this activity you can filter e-mail messages for your design if you are using Outlook:

On IMAP or POP you have only capability to filter by ‘OnlyUnreadMessages’:

Activity explanation:

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yeah really thanks, you were right the filter was the problem, now the attachments is saved


thanks, ill be sure to test this in a future development

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