Unable to save email attachment

Hello, please Im going through the RPA developer foundation on UiPath acamedy, and Im doing the lesson " Build Your First Process with Studio". Im using outlook and I have outlook app on my desktop.

After following all the steps in the video I cannot get the attachments saved in the Invoices folder.
See attached, the screenshot 1 is the course, and the Screenshot 2 is my result, so you can better understand my issue.

Any help thank you

Hi @Bachir_Amadou ,

Could you also show us the Output Panel after you have executed the workflow ?

We can then confirm that the mails are present and we would need to inspect on the attachments part.

Also, do navigate to the folder and check if the attachments are downloaded provided that the Emails with attachments were present and there were no errors identified during execution.

Are your test emails currently marked as Read or Unread in Outlook? Your Get Outlook Mail Message activity is currently set to fetch Unread emails only so you’ll need to double check if the emails you want to process are currently Unread.

Hi, yes I verified the folder that should store the attachments and they were downloaded, even though they did not show in the studio. thanks

Hi, the issue was resolved, I just had to verify the folder. thanks a log