Save Attachment doing nothing

I have a Save Attachment activity that is looking at emails and supposed to be saving into a specific network folder. When i run the process i don’t get any errors however the attachment isn’t saved anywhere. Not sure what I did wrong.

Hi ,

Did you check the if condition , i guess ,the condition fails so that the flow didn’t reach the SAVE ATTACHMENT activity

I am very new to UiPath so to be honest I am not sure that it is working nor do I know the right way to check. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

So i put a message box after the for each with a count and it shows the correct number of emails that are being pulled in. Still isn’t saving the attachment.

Hi ,

Did you check the condition, try copying the statement of the if condition and paste it in a message box and check if it is resulting true

so in the For Each i put a message box with the expression mail.Attachments.Any.ToString and it comes up False. If i am understanding correctly, the email comes over however the attachment does not. I think this is my issue. Any idea on what went wrong?

Hi ,

That could be one of the problem since you don’t have any attachments in that mail, bot is not saving any .

The following will be your flow,

For each mail in mailBox
If Date Matches then
Save attachment
End if

So , what I am trying tell you is that ,to check “Date Matches” codition is resulting true or not.The control flow will reach the save attachment only the condition of the “If” results true.

Hope You got your solution :grinning:


So i did what you mentioned and it comes back true. I also looked at the email in my exchange and it does have an attachment. Not sure why it won’t pull into the List when i pull in my emails.