Save As File Not Working


I’ve completed an automation and am trying to save it to a new folder on file explorer. When I “Save As” in Studio to a new location in file explorer and then open the automation back up from the new location there is nothing there (screenshot attached) and I receive an error.

Any advice on how you can move automations to different folders in file explorer and still have them open up properly to run the automation.


Error message says “This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly”

Hey! Welcome to community…

Update the packages and install the required packages from manage packages


Copy the entire folder. You have to get the json files and all the hidden subfolders with it. By doing the Save As the way you did it, you’re just getting one xaml file saved - not the entire project.

Hello @x890293

Try updating the existing package dependencies and check how it goes

Also, if you want to copy the current code then do copy the entire project folder to another folder. But doing Save As is not recommended since the tool creates the required dependencies during project creation and you might get these type of issues when you do Save As