Automating UIPath Studio

I am exploring the possibility of using Studio’s “Save as Image” feature to assist with the post-build documentation process. In short, I’d like to point a bot to the root folder of a project, find all XAML files, open each one in Studio, right-click in the window, “Save as Image” and give it a name, then move to the next XAML file.

I can launch another instance of Studio without a problem, but cannot get anything to interact on that new instance. It always comes up with “The UI Element is invalid.” This is inside the Application Browser scope of just having launched the application.

Is Studio excluded from automation in this way?

Hello @MalBee

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Your requirement is a little confusing. Are you trying to click on some images and trying to click on save? Can you share the screenshot of the Workflow that you have created?


HI @MalBee

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Correct me if im worng, While process is run new user has interact with the VM / Machine Right?

If you are working with some selector related part, you will face this kind of issue. So Will running the bot we need Bot to use the Ui to do the process.


I have attached the screen flow of what I am attempting below. In essence, for every XAML file, it runs this process passing in the file name, loading up Studio, right-clicking in the main screen, save the image file and close Studio again.

I am not sure if Studio can actually automate over itself.