Save as - in a new folder - No Json file?

Hello - I “save as” my current bot to a new folder but when I open that folder there is no json file generates and the new file I save as does not work/ Please advise what I should do?

@fiora_fang Can you explain a bit more in detail as to what you are trying to do?

Yes - so I am building a bot - and it is saved in Folder A which includes the bot.xaml file as well as a project.jason file. I “save as” the bot.xaml project to a new Folder B - however inside of Folder B there is only the bot.xaml file and no project.son file. The bot in folder B doesn’t work - I think it is because it doesn’t have a json file -

so how can I generate the json so the second bot works?

@fiora_fang Can you open the .xaml file you have copied to the Folder B. It then automatically generates the .json file.