SAP Window-Not able to capture Scroll screenshot

Hi All,
I am working on SAP Automation, where as a requirement I have to take screenshot of the SAP windows. In some cases the details are spread across multiple pages. So I have to scroll down and take screenshot. Any pointers will be helpful.

Is there a possible way when you finish the first page(the information that you see on the screen) then continue with the next page.

Because I had similar problem, where I had to post invoices and I don’t post them at one time.
Extract the first 19 rows.
Insert them in my queue.
Execute one by one every row to Post.
When I reach at the end of my queue I extract again the next 19 rows.
Fill the queue with the new 19 rows and continue again to post them one by one.
So I can handle a lot of invoices doesn’t matter of the scroll

Thanks Veslin_Ganchev for your reply.
I found out a way to tackle the issue with below steps:
1.Take screenshot-Save as Screenshot1
2. Send Hot Keys - PgDn
3. Again Take Screenshot-Save as Screenshot2
4. Used activity Compare Two Image Files Pixel By Pixel

5. Based on the result continued taking screenshots or stop and move to next activity.