Take scrolling screenshot on Sap sub-window as one image

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I would like to know if there is any way the bot can take screenshot of a scroll enabled sub-window on SAP capturing the entire content ( even the ones not visible on the screen ) in one screenshot .

I have a SAP window on which there are multiple sub windows each having tables and are scroll able. I want to take a screenshot of one sub window having all its data. Since the sub window is scroll able , when taking a screenshot the entire contents of the window are not visible in one screenshot, I have to scroll and take multiple screenshots to cover all the data. I would like to know if there is any method available to take the entire content of the window in a single screenshot.

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Hello Aravind,
in my opinion is your requirement not possible to realize. The SAP Data Provider delivers only the visible entries of table and a few more, but not all. This method is used to reduce data traffic. So it is not possible to take a screenshot of non visible entries of a data table, because the SAP GUI don’t have information about the content. There will be no way around multiple screenshots.
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