Screenshots of all SAP record Screens

Hi All,

I am using SAP 770 version, Here I have to upload 1000’s of record, After uploading the data the SAP will show me all the updated records in one SAP table screen (Lets say we have 100 records). To see all the records we have scroll down till the data end. Now the Automation here is that I need to take the screenshot of the current visible records and then scroll down and keep on repeating the same until I reach the end of data. The challenge is Uipath bot is identifying the last element that i used as anchor in the first scroll only (Without scroll till the end) resulting in only one screenshot and terminating the loop. Please help ASAP.

Hello @akshay5

Here will you able to check the maximum number of rows in the table??

Also are you able to inspect on the rows ?


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the response , I have found one work around for that.



I found the workaround for this type of cases whomsoever needs it can refer this, Scroll to the very part of the SAP Screen and use Image exist activity to identify the appearance of that scroll at the very bottom, In this way you can get the terminating condition. Between this you can use take screenshot activity and some hotkeys to scroll below to immediate next page (for me it was page down) .


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