Data scrapping issue- whole table is not getting scrape

I am using data scrapping to scrape following data:-

I want to scrape full table, But “Local Amount” and “Remarks” columns are missing.

Please guide me on this. Thanks in advance…!!
@Palaniyappan @Divyashreem @ClaytonM

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Anyone having solution on this?
Please guide me on this.

Hi! Did you extract correlated data until every table is scraped?

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While Data scrapping could you able to identify the pattern of those two missing columns?

If yes, Click on Edit Data Definition in preview Data and post, so that it will be helpful to understand the problem



Data Defination:-

Kindly check once with the data definition whether it has included those columns in it or not

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This is my data definition:-

How to include separate columns in it? please guide.

can you copy the text, as you can see there is no clarity on the selector


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Please find the selector below:-
extract-table get_columns_name=“1” get_empty_columns=“1” columns_name_source=“Longest”

Yes, I extract whole table.

Hi Guys,

Any solution on this issue? @ramu_at @Vivek_Arunagiri @anandumca

when your selecting local amout,if it is taking like single single digit it wont work!

No, I tried that. But it is not working.

i mean is it taking single digits??like when try to indicate on that element?
if yes you wont be able to scrap data like that

Yes, we can scrape the single digit.

then you can’t extract data of local amount

Ohh, is there any other solution?

dear all,
I have the same issue. When I scrape the datatable, only the table header is getting scraped. Please let me know how I can scrap the whole table ?