SAP scripting interface not properly closed in Debug Stop

Hi UiPath,

I noticed a strange behaviour, which I wanted to make you aware of, since I do not know the technical consequences (while they are none for me personally currently)

When running a workflow that connects to SAP using the scripting interface of SAP in Debug mode and you stop the debug run using the “Stop” button before it has finished the run (e.g. by setting a breakpoint and then stopping) the scripting connection does not seem to be properly closed / cleaned up.

I noticed this issue while trying to get access to a amodal search popup (F4 help).
I know now that I cannot access these through scripting (see your documentation: Configuration Steps ( but it let me show the above issue.

Since I do not have any issues anymore by activating the modal dialogs I don’t need anys support on this issue, but I still want to make you aware of this in case there are implications I cannot see, since they might be independent of the amodal/modal dialogs.

So to reproduce the error please follow the following steps:

  1. Active amodal contral popups (doing the exact opposite than you are supposed to)
  2. run a workflow that will access SAP through the scripting interface in debug
  3. stop debug mode before the run has finished.
  4. try to open a amodal control popup
    You should now get a “control (amodal) search help could not be initialized” (probably because the scripting interface from Studio to SAP is still active)

Now run the same workflow without stopping it

  1. run the workflow that will access SAP through the scripting interface in DEBUG or RUN
  2. do not stop it (you can pause it but let it finish through)
  3. try to open the same amodal control popup
    The amodal pop up should now open without any issues

I hope this issue is only relevant for amodal pop ups (which are not available in scripting anyway), but I just wanted to make sure that you know about this in case it is relevant for other scripting use-cases



Thank for your feedback, let me understand the topic. In case of clarification, I will be back!

Best regards, Lev

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Hello, we also encountered this issue after updating our packages from 2019.X to 2020.4.3.
We solved it by activating activating “Show native Windows dialogs” in the Scripting menu. Modal Dialog Boxes were also already activated.