SAP GUI system message: Back-end closed when running robot

Hi everyone,

Sometimes we got an error while running UiPath on SAP (We already enable scripting)

Do you have any reccommend to fix this issue ?

HI @Norrapat_Thongnop

I would try this one UiPath Marketplace | Error

Best regards, Lev

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Hey @LevKushnir
The above link which you suggested expired & we are unable to open that page.

We are also facing the same SAP issue. Can you please help us out with the resolution ?

HI @Pradeep_Varma

You can use Invoke Workflow with a timeout while executing it Isolated (it will run in a separate windows process). This timeout value would be the expected maximum workflow execution duration + extra time as buffer.

If sap freezes and the workflow invocation reaches the timeout you would have the exception thrown and you can handle it in your workflow as you desire.

So summary of solution:
Invoke Workflow File" with the “Isolated” property checked + Timeout property set

see example here: (2.6 KB)

Best regards, Lev

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Hello Pradeep,
please check also the the parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout, which sets the number of seconds of inactivity you want to permit, in the RZ10.
Best regards

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Hello Lev,

ihad to open and close many SAP session, where could i insert the invoke?