The UIPath workflow is not working even though the SAP script is enabled

Sometimes the UIPath workflow is not working, and other times it is working only on the SAP application even though SAP script/configuration is enabled.


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Did you enable script on both client and server side ?

Yes, it is enabled, we have followed all the instructions that you have mentioned above, but the problem still persists.

Can you check if you are able to Indicate Element in SAP GUI using UiPath UI Explorer?

Thankyou for your response. At times it is indicated, and at times it is not indicated.

Is this problem happening only on your machine or on everyone’s machine in your team?

Are you sure that no admin (company) policies are blocking the UiPath activities?


Hello Junaid,
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Be really sure that you set this flag in TAC RZ11:

Otherwise, exactly the effect you describe can occur. In a backend system with multiple servers, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, depending on where the dispatcher directs you.

Let us know your result.

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