Cannot enable SAP GUI Scripting


I want to use “UiPath.Core.Activities.SAP.CallTranscation” activity when I enter t-code in SAP.

I followed this guide, but I still can’t catch the selector.

How can I solve this problem?

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Hello Jina,
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If you have carried out all the configuration steps as described, you could try the following:

Open TAC SE38 with the report RSPARAM, set the filter to *user_script* and you should see a result like this.


To be on the safe side, these four parameters should be set to false.

If you have a multi server system be sure to set the switch on all servers. Even if you don’t have multiple servers in one system you can set this flag to be sure.


You can find the current version of the configuration steps here.

Let us know your results.

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