SAP screen resolution changes with container when VM closed

Hello everyone !

Here is the context:

I have a process interacting with SAP 7.70.
The scalling is 100%, the resolution on Orchestrator (height, width, depth, login to consol on no) is the same as the one on the VM. I log off correctly,
Every basic part has been tried.

And here is the issue:

When I run it with the VM open, everything is fine but when the VM is closed, the image based activities are on error.

To understand why, the robot has taken some screenshots and as you can see, at some point the resolution changes and the taskbar is almost covered.

It changes when we enter the container “Use application” in order to use modern activities.
So the problem seems to be based on that point.

By the way, for some activities, I can only use CV or modern which are image based.

When I try the workflow on another SAP / VM from another client, everything is fine (also, I can use fuzzy / strict selector and not only image).

If you have any insight please let me now !

Have a nice day,