Screen resolution varies in production. (VM)

I’m logging into a VM through Orchestrator on my robot user, using Modern Folder.
I have set my screen resolution on the robot user to:

Most of the time this works and the resolution is fine. But sometimes it drops down and the process fails, because it can’t see the whole screen. From print screens the screen resolution then appears to be: 1091x817

I can’t really see any patterns here why the resolution drops.
Any suggestions on what might be wrong here?

If it drops sometimes then may be the command is sent correctly via orchestrator but nor well received by VM due to some issue? Check the event logs of the VM and you will find if there was any issue with respect to that.

Also, Can you confirm you tried with “Login to console” set to “No”? in robot settings?
Select the Login to Console and then select radio button no, curren tly if that is disabled, it uses default.

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