Problem with window resolution

I’ve develop a process that uses a mainframe software, so at some points it is mandatory to use some surface automation. When executing the process in the development enviroment, everything works fine, and even when I execute it on the production enviroment I have no issues.
The thing is that when I execute the process through the Orchestrator that sometimes (about 30%) it fails, and it’s due to a change in the resolution of the screen that makes the mainframe program window smaller. I check this by executing and the entering to the virtual machine.
I’m aware that this might not be a UiPath issue per se, but maybe someone has found a workaround to fix it. Any ideas?


You can try kicking it off with Launch Workflow Interactive and set the resolution and color depth to the what you used when you developed the process. (I think most will use 1920x1080 32). Then publish it and see if it helps.


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I already tried that, but it was unsuccessful. Thank you anyway.

We have same issue as well, any help appreciated.

@roma.sodha The newer versions of Orchestrator have resolution settings for Robots. So you can try that and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then it’s possible that it’s not a resolution problem.

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