VM small screen resolution, Generates error unattended

Hello guys, I need your help.

I have a process which runs unattended on a virtual machine which has a screen resolution by default 1024 x 768

When i develop the process I have a large screen.
Now the application is smaller and Get text activity fails because not the whole component is visible.

The screen resolution of VM i think cant be changed.
The extracted text is:

So its not complete.
Please advise


Go to your Unattended Robot settings in Orchestrator Robots page and change the screen resolution as per system you used in Development and then try once.

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Same problem.
I changes the settings…also Login to Console: false on orchestrator and on settings file.

Nothing Changed :confused:


Is Get Text activity only failing ?

Yes, but i Have other processes which also fail because of this and I just want to fix it, otherwise I should connect a machine to VM with higher screen resolution and leave it connected all the time

Changed the settings and it worked. Thank You

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Glad I could help :smiley:

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