[SAP] New activities or selectos accepting properties listed on left panel but not on right panel

Some controls, specially textfields, can’t be recognized because there are use cases where the selector is dinamic in production or it’s having changes frequently. My team used the get children and get attribute activities for search by “labeledby” property. Can you add an activity that takes the controls by the labeled by or other unique property and validate if exists? or is possible to make that selectors using properties of left panel with any schema in attributes?

HI @josesgar

Please specify about which SAP user interface you are speaking about? Could you provide some examples with screenshots?

Thanks, Lev

Hi! This is an example of a selector that is difficult to get the control id, and it don’t have in the right panel an unique and stable identifier.

But in the left panel i have:
(and you can’t see) but there is a type property, to validate the control and perform actions.


Hello Jose,
you are using LowSpeedConnection to your SAP system. That becomes visible e.g. here txt[1].
You can find more information in this post about Automation of an SAP Session with Low Speed Connection, a Tiny Trap. As @LevKushnir wrote: " LowSpeedConnection is not suitable for SAP automation and activating this mode will have an impact on the functionality of SAP GUI for Windows. Therefore in our documentation HighSpeedConnection is a must for the successful automation."
Switch to HighSpeedConnection and everything will work without any problems.
Best regards


Hi! Thank you for your answer. I didn’t understand, how a selector can change by the connection speed in SAP?
In case of navigators, in HTML, there is no differences in connection speed.

By the way, Where can I to activate the HighSpeedConnection? can you send me step-by-step with screenshots to check that?

Update: I changed the speed connection and no changes, it’s the same selector. At the moment the unique way is to get childrens from a container and filter by type and labeledby.


Hello Jose,
SAP note 587202 answers your question: “If the low speed connection indicator is set for a connection, less information is transferred to SAP GUI. As a result, the scripting component is missing the field names that are required for the names and IDs of the objects in the scripting model. Errors then occur (for example, with FindById).”
After you switch the Network Settings from Low Speed to High Speed Connection it is necessary to log off your connection and log on again, otherwise the changes will not take any effect.
Best regards