SAP message bar for windows identification

Dear All,

I would like to ask for help, for SAP automation.
I have 2 SAP main windows open (UAT and PROD system) and I would like to differentiate them based on the system they use.
This information is on the message bar, like in the picutre = B01 (1) 100.

In the attach window activity I would like to create a selector which contains the information that the text is B01 (1) 100, but I am not able to configure that selector.
Ui Explorer sees the information, as the property window recognize the text property but I can not insert it in the selector, because it will be invalid.

Thank you.


Do you want to read that Text ?

If yes then use Get Text activity to read that text.

I do not want to read the text. I would like to create a selector with a text in it, to be able to differentiate the SAP windows, as one of them has the B01 (1) 100 text and the other window has the P01 (1) 100 text.
All the other information is the same for both windows this is the only difference.


Please try to regenerate a selector using UI Explorer and let us know

I tried to use Ui Explorer, but I am not able to add the text property from property tree into the selector.
If I write it it manually it is invalid.

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