I can't identify SAP window after exucution

Dear Experts,

Every time I can’t identified SAP application window screen in middle of my sap automation process.
This SAP application window is open will take 10 mins time for every execution process.
I already tried Attach window activity, get active window activity, delay time,wait element vanish but it’s all are not working well.
what activity should I use?
could anyone help me please resolve to this issue.

Thanks in Advance

What’s the error message you get? Selector not found?

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Yes, exactly i get the error message is selector not found.
but every time i change title, name and select element, Repair.
i get green color for validate. It’s not working in this case.

It sounds like the selector is changing each time, I’d suggest using the UiExplorer on the window, then reinitialising the window and using another UiExplorer sessions on the window and then compare the two selectors top see whats different. Feel free to put the selectors here so we can offer ways of covering the changing part of the selector