SAP Logon 750 application text capture issue


I want to capture the error message that user does not exist . but in different SAP system it is appearing at different position. In one case it is appearing in a pop up window. In other it is appearing as a message in the bottom of the screen. i have uploaded the iamge for both the errors. i tried making a dynamic selector for this but that is not working. Please help me out with this.


SAP error 1



Have you heard of pick and pick branch it works based on certain selectors, Try to use it.

About Forking different approaches are available Like Pick branch, If statusbar has Text else Look for Error Pop-up

About popups have a Look Here
Handle various SAP information popups

Statusbar Text can be Retrieved with get Text

Also have a Look on the new SAP activites

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thank you. will try this one.

thank you. will try with this one as well.