Capture selector of popup on App Exception

Hey Community

I really need a bit of creative input for this one :slight_smile:

I always utilize activities to screenshot whenever the robot runs into an application exception.

But… Would it be possible to actually capture the selector of a popup in addition to capturing the screen.

Hope you have some ideas of how this could work.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ChrisPals

What u mean by pop up here ?

Did u mean the error pop which appears when exception occurs ?


I mean popup in the production system, E.g SAP.

hi @ChrisPals i could not understood by popup in sap

Do the pop up shows in sap when an error occurs

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If we imagine that we have a process running in an application. THAT application then throws a warning in a popup box. We haven’t accounted for this warning yet and therefore receive an application exception, it would be nice to save/capture/store the selector from the warning popup box, as it can be used for what we are about to develop for handling that specific popup when it appears e.g click/send hotkey.

Hi @ChrisPals

So when this popup appears sometime ur robot throws an exception

Then in catch section of workflow use screenshot activity to take the screenshot of the current window so that pop up can be included in it as well

Hope it helps you


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