How to Capture a Fast Disappearing Status Message on a Pop-up in SAP Field Service Management?

Hello UiPath Community,

I am facing an issue with capturing a status message that appears on a pop-up in SAP Field Service Management. The message appears for only a fraction of a second and disappears before the bot can read it using activities like Get Text or Get Attribute.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue and found a reliable solution? Are there alternative approaches to capture such fleeting messages effectively?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Use SAP Read Statusbar activity for this.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @lenaMar

As Ashok said if the message is displaying in the status bar in SAP you can use the Read Status bar activity.

In any case, it was not working then we can go with other approach, check the below steps for you understanding,
→ use the Take screenshot activity and indicate the specific area where you are getting popup.
→ Save the path of the screenshot in a variable.
→ Then use the Load Image activity pass the variable to the activity, then create a variable to the output of LoadImage activity.
→ Then use the Teserract OCR activity give the Output variable of the Load Image activity to the Image field in properties. Create a variable in the Text field, the extracted data from screeshot is stores in a String datatype variable.

Hope it helps!!