SAP HANA Connection & Query execution


I am trying to connect to a view in SAP HANA with UiPath Studio, to extract data into a CSV.

I was able to establish SAP HANA connection via “Dsn=HDBODBC;uid=MYID;pwd=MYPASSWORD” ODBC connection string.

However, when I try to execute a simple “Select * From “MI”.“APR”” query with the ODBC connection, I am getting an error “Compile error(s) encountered processing expression Select * From “MI”.“APR”. Expression expected.”.

This is strange to me because I am able to execute the query without errors in HANA, and it is relatively a simple query just grabbing all data from a HANA view.

Does anyone have experience in using UiPath Studio to connect to SAP HANA view and exporting results from it to a CSV ?


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