I'm trying to connect with oracl data base and execute querry from uipath but i got this error

Execute Query: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: At least one of the connections must be used.
i used this connection string


are you using the ODBC connection for this?


yes, I installed the odbc data source for oracle.
and for provider name i used “System.Data.OracleClient”

Hi @yash_p

Try using Connect activity and pass the below parameters to check if the connection is established.


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Click on configure connection and try to give the details over there and then test the connection.

at last it will automatically create the connection string.

Hi @yash_p

Try passing the OutPut of the "Connect " activity as the Input for “Execute Query” Activity in “Existing Connection”



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In connection i got test connection successful message then i passed the output variable to execute query section in Existing connection.

Please check the parameters supplied is correct or the required parameters are missing in the Edit Query Parameters of “Execute Query” Activity.


@yash_p Hello, Could you please check the query in the workbench first to see if thats working fine or not?

Yes , I’m using select query that is working fine on oracle sql developer same i copied to uipath but it is througing error.

1.After entering details on choose data source.
2. This string is genrated automatically.

  1. In expression editor it shows error sign

expression editor

hi robin can you tell me which odbc driver we need for connection 32 bit or 64 bit. Which is suitable for uipath

Hello @yash_p, Please go though the below post:

However, I think that the problem is with the query not with the connection.


In this it is showing that use only 32 bit but in my machine it is showing only 64 bit is available.

Is uipath studio is 32 bit ?

Hi my connection established successfully to oracle but at the time of execution it takes time and show this error message

I’m Connected using creadential :" host Name , UserID, password , Service Name ,Port " and
Provider Name “oracle.managed asccess”

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