Connecting SAP B1 database

Hello Forum
I appreciate if you could give me a tips to get Data from SAP B1 Client through API / ODBC connection.
I am in a project involving data extraction from SAP B1. First, I attempted to develop workflow via UI automation, however, I felt some limits to get accurate data by ui-automation.

Now, I am wondering if could get the data through hitting query by using database activities.
My Question is what to do with connecting my studio to the designated database with considering following points.

-I have already installed uipath database activities.
-According to the cdata’s website, I seem to be required to install the ODBC driver to connect designated database. ( if there is no free ODBC driver, I need to talk to my clients)
-for the connection, what to set in the set-up wizard? and are there anything to set up or activate on my machine side?

I hope if it does not look too much questions…

With Regards