How to connect to SAP HANA Studio using 'Database - Connect' activity

Hi all,

Kindly guide me on how to connect to ‘SAP Hana Studio’ using ‘Database connect’ activity.

I’ve opted ‘Microsoft ODBC data server’ option for which it is asking ‘DSN’ , ‘Driver’ to build ‘connection string’.

I’m able to provide all the details except ‘DSN’ (data source name). I receive error as data source name is not correct.

Kindly help me build connection string, share connection string if possible if any of you have faced similar situation.

Let me know if my approach is correct.

I can’t share details of connection string.

Thanks in advance.

You might be able to use “HANADB1” as the Data Source Name (DSN).

ConnectionString = “DSN=HANADB1;UID=myUser;PWD=myPassword”

There’s more information about connecting to SAP HANA via ODBC here.

Hope this helps.