Get Text in SAP


I want get text in SAP but I can’t. I only have a selector with all screen.

How Can I do it?

Hi @fpradas,
Perhaps this link can help you. As mentioned there, “There are elements in the SAP GUI that, just like in Citrix environments, are considered one block.”

What may e.g. work to get text from SAP is:
Open the SAP window you need to get your text from and a basic recorder. Manually select Text → Scrape → Screen Scraping or Copy → Screen Scraping and indicate the whole desired element (it will be the whole block). You will get a screen scraping wizard and the scraped text from the selection you made. You can then ‘Indicate Another Region to Scrape’. After you specify it, the activity will only scrape the required text. Hope this helps.

Just simply use the get OCR text from activities pane and select the region you want to get the text from the SAP.

You are right, but when I run ‘get OCR text’ on SAP, unfortunately the output contains spelling mistakes and is not accurate enough for me. The Screen Scraping method seems to provide more matching outputs (e.g. ‘Producb’on’ vs ‘Production’).

did you try microsoft OCR with scale 3 ,i usually USe this to get text from SAP.

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Yes, I have tried - it works better, but still produces errors - e.g. I get “Outread’l” instead of “Outreach”, while Screen Scraping gives me 100% accuracy on this word. But thank you anyway for your help.

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