Sap automation not working for me , the scripting is enabled in client and server side. Still the click text is not able to identify

Hi team,

I am using sap gui 7.30 . The scripting is enabled in client and server side.
But when I try to do Text->Mouse->click, its not working. The basic recording window is displayed.

Please let me know on an urgent basis as am doing a POC on it to show to my users.

Thanks in advance for your help.


There were a couple of times where my colleague was facing an issue where UiPath was not identifying one text field even though scripting was enabled. The whole window was being showcased as one image.

At that time we used the concept of Citrix recording to complete the automation. But not sure why this happened for that one text field.

Hi Qwerty,

I tried with citrix recording isn’t able to identify either. It is identifying as one image.



Are you able to identify and select others element?


Hi Lucas,

Yes I tested with notepad and excel they are working great.
But when ever I work on SAP GUI, its not identifying.
I have enabled the scripting access as mentioned in the video tutorials.


My question was: Inside SAP can you select none elements?

Is the SAP Scripting enable like in the screenshot below?:


Inside SAP can you select none elements? — No I am not able to access.
Is the SAP Scripting enable like in the screenshot below?: – yes, please see the screenshot below:

Could you please share a screenshot of the “Indicate on screen” of Click Activity to see how it’s selecting?

Example (I’m able to select the entire text field without problems):


Hi Lucas,

Sorry for the delyed reply.
Please find the screenshot below:


It may be a issue with the current field that your trying to select since you don’t have problems selecting others fields.

What are trying to do exactly?


Hi Lucas,

The thing is the OCR is not opening after selecting the object.

I am trying to create a automation flow from selecting the SAP system , covreing the Quote to cash and signing out.


Check whether connection is High Speed or not?


yes 4 Mbps , so we are good.

Hi sankalp

issue is because of scripting is enabled in your SAP application

follow below step to disable the scripting option

Options-> scripting tab-> disable two notify options,

try aftr removing notify option


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Hi @Vinodh @sankalp11 @phatke @Lucas.Pimenta @qwerty123
Could you guys please tell me where can I download the SAP GUI, for working on SAP practice sessions.
Many Thanks,

Facing similar issue… Its disabled…

I am taking help of idx in selector by selecting active accessibility in UI Explorer and its working

but want to know other more reliable solution.