Success in Automating in SAP B1?

Hi UiPath,

I have a process requirement to automate SAP B1 process.

however I can’t seems to click any element in SAP Business One.

I already tried to use Ui Explorer but in vain.

Did someone successfully automate a task using SAP B1?


hI @Alvin_Apostol2

Check this video once


HI @Alvin_Apostol2

Check this video and use UiPath Computer Vision for SAP B1 automation

@stefano_negro feel free to add any Tipps and Tricks for SAP B1 automation.

Best regards, Lev


as specificed by @LevKushnir you can use Computer Vision activities to automate SAP B1.

In the video shown above It wasn’t necessary to use CV, basically we used these activities:

  • Send hotkey to interact with menu elements/download files and so on;
  • Click text to click on buttons or fields (for example for the logon part, confirm, close…);
  • Screen scraping to extract relevant data, for example tabular views or text fields.

Feel free to answer if you have particular needs or any other issues.