SAP Automation with OCR

I am currently writing a process that will utilize SAP on a Virtual Computer. Thus, it means that the SAP Tutorial is not too helpful in this regard as that only demonstrated a non-Citrix automation environment. Because it is Citrix and I only have access to the image and not the SAP window it means that we must only rely on OCR Screen Scraping, correct?

I have noticed that the Screen Scraper using OCR does not always recognize the text, and i’m feeling like this will be even worse in a virtual environment where the resolution may be lower. Is there another way to circumvent this issue of SAP automation in Citrix? I am aware of Abbyy already.


Just as a workaround, You can also try to implement it using ‘Send Hotkeys’ if it works in your citrix.

Rammohan B.

I’ve done the first training and am aware of those. Are there other workarounds where hotkeys are not available?