SAP Automation in Citrix/ a virtual environment

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so I’m having trouble automating a process with SAP in Citrix. I am not able to use screen scraping whatsoever and I can’t think of a way to workaround here. I have tried all three methods of screen scraping (native, OCR, full text), but everytime it says it wasn’t able to scrape correctly…Is it possible to make it work differently for exapmle via coding/ programming?
Additional info that might be important:
Uipath is installed on my local computer.
The VM is displayed as windows 7 32-bit.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enable scripting, but in the SAP tutorial it said, that it should work anyways with a couple workarounds. I think this might be part of the problem, as well as the Citrix environment in general…

I would be very greatful for suggestions/ help or any info on this.


Hi Rehman,

I think we can’t achieve the scraping part using programming . Since it is image automation, you can try with only scraping.



thanks for your reply! Just to clarify: this means there is basically no way to use UiPath for SAP automation within a virtual machine like Citrix beside screen scraping?
I have to say I also tried using the screen scraping within Citrix for other apps such as outlook or PDF files, but the scraping is very unreliable, and I can’t really tell why it’s not working well or if my expectations were to high…

J. Rehmann

@J.Rehmann you may try with various SAP themes and increase the resolution of both the system. One way or other it should work if the image resolution is clear and standard.

Hi @J.Rehmann,
Please enable the scripting if you are using SAP. you can enable in the settings option. One at user’s end and one at server end (has to be enabled by the SAP Admin.)
After enabling the scripting, you will be able to get the selectors for the elements.
If the Uipath is outside the same environment, you can use click image instead of click button and you can capture the images. You have to perform a image based automation.

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In my opinion it’s pointless to enable SAP scripting if SAP is running on a Citrix environment.
SAP scripting allows UiPath tools to better identify UI elements, but a Citrix environment means that we only have access to an image, not the actual SAP window.
From the available scraping methods only OCR can be used, for the same reason as above - we cannot connect to the actual GUI window in such an environment.
If OCR yields bad results, try changing the OCR engines and tweaking their settings (try increasing the scale).
If you have a license, usually Abby OCR has the best results.
Other than the text related activities don’t forget you can also use image based techniques inside Citrix environments.


hi @ovi,
thanks for your reply, that confirms, what I was thinking. I will try changing the settings to see if it gets better :slight_smile:

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Hi, Can you please let me know what are the other prerequisites for SAP automation other than enabling scripting if any?

Hi, Can you please let me know what are the other prerequisites for SAP automation other than enabling scripting if any?

If you don’t have scripting enabled, then you have to proceed with image based automation and you can use hotkeys too in case required.

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Thanks :slight_smile: