SAP Automation - Text Action is not working



I am using SAP 740 final release and trying to create a bot which enters data for few new hire employees. I have already seen the SAP Automation video and SAP GUI scripting is also enabled. After opening the SAP logon , on the first screen itself I am trying to use Text action to copy the options (Favorites, Shortcuts, Connections) as shown in the video but I don’t get the OCR wizard (attached) to choose the text I want to use, instead I am returned to the the same recorder window with Save&Exit button disabled which means that nothing is recorded. I am trying to do this with basic recording as well as Desktop recording but nothing seems to work.
The UIPath version I am using is 2016.2.6274.

Any help on this topic is appreciated.


Hi @saurabhkulshrestha15,

The wizard you get is only when you use scrapping methods, however I would advise you first go to academy and register for SAP course which gives you a boost to start with SAP automation approach.

You can register to UiPath academy for it and there you will get SAP (Out of 2 courses) where you need to register,



Hello @Vikas.Jain ,

I have already completed that training and in the same training they use clickText action to select ‘Connections’ . I am trying to do the same stuff but I don’t get the OCR wizard while in the training it is shown that we should see that as the next step.
So the question is whether I am missing anything or a is there a setting which needs to be changed.

PS: SAP GUI scripting is already enabled


Hi Team,

I am also facing the same problem. Can you please help ?

I also am not getting the OCR wizard.



Hi Vikas,

Can you please share the solution.